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nTierWeb provides IT solutions that positively impacts the business of retailers in improving services, convenience and personalization thereby enabling them to attract and retain their long-term customers.

The future of retail sector is astronomic. In 2013, within the United States itself, one million retail stores are provisioned, accounting to revenue of four trillion dollars. As the technology is advancing, retail industry perceives a change in the way they fine-tune with consumers. Furnishing technological solutions for the retail industry for over a decade, nTierWeb strives to bring business and consumer closer.

Challenges and Opportunities

Sales Endeavor: The online space is advantageous as compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, with the ability to cater to a divergent target audience, minus the convolutions. Technology empowers you to develop a centralized system that is customized to cater varied demographics.

Retailing across Multiple Platforms: Owing to technological amelioration, buyers no longer rely on sojourning physical stores to make purchase decisions. Ad hoc consumers utilize web-enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, to research and purchase products.

Consolidated Processes: Increased efficacy of your retail business means exceeding annuity and sound ROI. Retail businesses that are seeking technological assistance to streamline their processes are empowered to render better customer service, thus promoting brand loyalty.

Augmenting Digital Market: Retail industry aptly exemplifies the importance of digital marketing and SEO in the current market scenario. Websites having the right keyword density enjoy higher ranking son search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing. Regularly monitoring the online performance of your brand is essential, especially when marketing is trending at such a rapid pace.

How nTierWeb Delivers Business Value

At nTierWeb we develop innovative and dynamic technological interfaces for your retail business. Our retail consultants associate closely with your business to comprehend consumer behavior, target audience statistics and suggest best practices that are customized for your business model. nTierWeb works with you to maximize the productivity of your business resources.

Retailers: Creating a memorable and sustainable brand image is paramount for the online success of your business. nTierWeb renders an optimized solution that is easily manageable and is in sync with your brand message. At nTierWeb, we are capable of delivering end-to-end business solutions including mobile or iPad apps and full-cycle CRM system that reflect your business model.

Product Retailers: Developing a viable product for the retail marketplace involves devising apt methodology, fine-tuned with rigorous testing. A solution which is customized for multiple platforms has the advantage of reaching a wider target audience operating any web-enabled device.

nTierWeb' Retail and Ecommerce Service Offerings

  • Facilities Management Solutions.
  • Business-centric Ecommerce / B2C Solutions.
  • Full-Cycle ERP / CRM solutions.
  • Point-of-Sales(POS) Systems Integration.
  • Inventory Management Solutions.
  • Legacy Migration Solutions.
  • Web 2.0 / 3.0, Mobile Technology and SaaS Enablement.
  • Web Applications / Portals.
  • Application Development and Maintenance.

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