After a hectic week in office here comes a weekend but it becomes more chaotic when you realize that your car service is due and your entire day will be spent at the service station…moreover no time will be left for other pending chores and no family time. Relax!!! Through our app. Care-O-Car you can now book a time for your car service at the authorised service centre on a click. Pick up and drop would be given at your door steps so that you can spend time with your family.

How it benefits….?


  • Lock devices.
  • Book your pick up and drop time as per your convenience.
  • Get service from an authorised dealer.
  • Get estimated service cost over the app itself.
  • Get updates on mobile on completion of every service task.
  • Enjoy your family time.
  • Get time for other important work.
  • Payment for service at the doorstep.

Service Station

  • Get genuine enquiries.
  • Work professionally and create a brand.
  • Expansion of customer network through smart business.
  • Exchange of contact details between Customer, Pick-up and Drop-in agents for better service.

Facility Management Solution (FMS):

Taking facility management to the next level altogether, we are introducing a mobile-App. bringing colonizer and the resident together at the same platform making communication faster, convenient & effective. Also for any daily needs, one can make an enquiry sitting at home. Overall a win-win platform for Colonizer, Residents and Vendors. And most importantly, the application is secured & user authentic.

How it benefits….?


  • No Paper work.
  • Drops the TAT.
  • Sorted & categorised resident’s database.
  • Systematic & professional approach.
  • Broadcasting the vital news or notice.
  • Tracking the office & housekeeping staff.
  • Receiving the timely payments without bill printing & distribution.
  • It’s a value add to the property.


  • Escaping long payment ques receiving reminders for the last due dates eventually not crossing the last payment due date and saving on penalty amounts.
  • Get any vendor or service provider at your doorstep on just a click.
  • Records of every transaction done is maintained for future reference.


  • More Business leads.
  • Reaching out to larger area.
  • Branding.
  • Professional approach.
  • Promotion of any special offers or discounts.

Mobile Database Management (MDM)

In the world of technology, with every new day a new gadget enters in the market with even more advance features. You cannot restrict your every employee from the usage. On the other hand, Database is the most important and internal information of any company. Any sort of misuse of a database can lead to high risk. It is very important to define a boundary for every user, by managing their devices. Now with this application we have tried to make it easy for the management how they can manage the device So that the database remains secure and the users can work without any hassles.

How it benefits….?

  • Lock devices.
  • Enable data encryption when a device is locked. This is a mobile OS level feature.
  • Set password policy, change a device password, and clear a password assigned to a device.
  • Access the device information, such as battery, memory, applications, operator, root detection and location.
  • Configure the LDAP server on devices directly.
  • Delete enterprise data on devices.
  • Directly set device Wi-fi settings.
  • Configure Access Point Network (APN) settings.
  • Set up device email configurations.
  • Enable or disable the camera on a device.
  • Send messages from the MDM server to devices.
  • Mute devices.

Logistic Management System (LMS)

Whether it be a single shipment or “n” number of shipments, our solution helps to automate the process. We offer a common platform for the shippers and the carriers to carrying their business operations smoothly and even can share the documents uniformly. All the transactions and communications are highly secured and recorded for future reference and audit purpose. We integrate our enterprise solution is the current infrastructure, so that the users can understand the benefits of the platform from the current architecture.

How it benefits….?

The Shippers

  • Quote the price as per your budget and get the offers from the carriers.
  • Select the carrier as per your convenience post receiving the bids from them.
  • Get the carriers available without delay.
  • Booking of shipment is very quick- once the availability of space and time matches with the carriers we notify you with your confirmed booking details.
  • Eliminate the agent charges and save over further cost.
  • Get all the important notifications at every step over an email or through SMS on registered email id and mobile numbers.
  • Most importantly... you can trust the transporters, since they are the registered members on our portal.

The Carriers

  • Easy sign up process.
  • Since the price shared on portal by the consignor are non-negotiable, bid only if it matches your cost, avoid haggling over the rates and save on time and resources.
  • Get the shipment readily available within the geographic location of your container.
  • No worries of getting the carrier vacant on return.
  • Say ‘bye-bye’ to the agent commission.
  • Get genuine enquiries through the portal, since, the shippers are the registered members.
  • Helps Building your brand as this is a very professional approach.
  • The ROI is extremely high.


Voice Authentication System (VAS): It is great that we are utilising technology not just for corporate purpose but also assist our clients to make full use of the technology for their daily transactions like, bill payments, money transfer, online shopping and much more. On one hand technology is making life easy but also raising the risk of theft. So most significant thing for any financial organisation is the security of the finances of their clients. For that It is very important to have a sound security system. Apart from finger prints or retina we have introduced even more full proof solution, that is, the user’s unique voiceprint for authentication along with the four-digit-PIN. Now make your customers utilize your services without hitch. After all, best security system will add to the brand name.

Loan Management App: We have developed complete Loan Management Application which given comprehensive functionality details, from loan requests to drawdown, allocation, principle and interest schedule, processing of schedule, payment, accrued & revaluation of the complete transaction.

How it benefits….?


  • Make the consumer feel more secure, as the security cannot be broken without their consent.
  • Cannot be shared further with anyone.


  • Step ahead of the competitors by providing a unique security system.
  • High security leads to satisfied clients.
  • Add to the brand value.

nTierWeb ERP Solutions

Like any other organisation it is very important to have a clear knowledge of all the departments in manufacturing Industry. Our ERP Solutions integrates all the applications of all the different departments and bring them to a single platform, so that, the work flow structure becomes transparent and all the required information can be gathered from a single point without any delay or limitations. However, the access to the database of any other departments is limited to their purpose only.

How it benefits….?

  • Makes the work flow transparent and efficient.
  • Saves a lot of time in gathering information from other departments.
  • Time saved can be utilized in more productive tasks to increase output.
  • Inter department communication becomes easy.
  • Increases knowledge of the employees. They now have a better understanding of how the other departs works.


After Smart classes, it’s time to generate Smart Management.App. Vidyalaya for Android based on PHP & MySQL at the backend, focusing on bridging the communication gap in between the Parents and the School Authority.

While all the industries are technically upgrading themselves then why not education Institutions, after all, it is the base of all the Industries. It is the experience which is going to last forever in the students’ and their parents’ life. So why not make it the best experience.

How it benefits….?


  • Creating Homogeneity.
  • No complexity.
  • Avoid Data replication.
  • Adding Storage Capacity.
  • Single user Interface connecting to multiple backend systems.


  • Saving Expenses and Resources.
  • Last Minute Imp. Broadcast in a Jiffy.
  • High reachability.
  • Efficient response.
  • Timely Fee collection.
  • Promoting Two-way communication.
  • Check on daily transport route wise.
  • Instant Feedback Mechanism for Improvisation.


  • Fee Payment using Debit or Credit Cards.
  • Check on your child’s attendance.
  • Report Cards-Quarterly/ Half Yearly/ Annual reports.
  • Event Gallery- Share your Child’s Picture on Social Media from school Gallery.
  • Spot your route bus to avoid delay.
  • Buy Books/Uniform through app. And get home delivered.

Technology We Use

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